Removals and Disposals

Untha Pallet Shredder

MC Refrigeration have implemented the latest in shredding technology to save on waste and collection fees, watch the video below for more information.


MC Refrigeration Ltd is a fully licensed Upper Tier Waste Carrier and Broker and is licensed to safely dispose of ALL refrigeration cabinets, air conditioning equipment, refrigeration packs, condensers and compressors to the current WEEE Legislation.
All refrigeration equipment has a form of hazardous waste within it, whether it’s the gas or the insulation, CFC, HCFC of HFC and this must be transported, stored, and disposed of in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

All equipment taken for safe disposal to the processing plant will be disposed of and recycled and a disposal certificate issued, which once disposed will be issued to the customer.

Environmental Agency Waste Brokers Licence Number: CB/BN5710AR

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