Introducing Koxka's Refrigeration Solutions at MC Refrigeration

MC Refrigeration is proud to announce its partnership with Koxka, a leading Spanish manufacturer renowned for their innovative refrigeration solutions. As the exclusive UK distributor, MC Refrigeration now offers Koxka’s extensive range of products, designed to meet the diverse needs of the commercial refrigeration sector.

About Koxka Founded in 1966, Koxka has built a reputation for excellence in cooling technology. With a commitment to efficiency, flexibility, and service, Koxka designs and manufactures remote and plug-in display cases, condensers, evaporators, and customized heat exchangers. Their products are crafted to ensure optimal food preservation and energy savings, making them a preferred choice for businesses around the globe.

Product Range Koxka’s product line includes:

  • Remote Cabinets: Multi-Decks, ICE Counters, and Frozen cabinets tailored for large-scale refrigeration needs.
  • Plug-in Cabinets: Compact and efficient plug-in multi-decks, counters, and frozen cabinets, ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Heat Exchangers: High-performance evaporators, condensers, CO2 gas coolers, and dry coolers.
  • Condensing Units: Advanced units designed for reliable and efficient refrigeration.

Innovation and Quality Koxka is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, investing in research and development to deliver cutting-edge solutions. Their new kR Ocean Open and Closed multidecks, for example, are among the most efficient on the market, offering significant energy savings and enhanced product visibility.

Commitment to Sustainability Sustainability is at the core of Koxka’s operations. Their products are engineered to reduce environmental impact, utilizing natural refrigerants and energy-efficient technologies. This commitment is reflected in their numerous certifications and industry recognitions, including their inclusion in the CEPYME report as one of the leading Spanish companies in business growth.

Comprehensive Services Beyond product excellence, Koxka offers a full suite of services, including turnkey projects, retrofitting, spare parts, and technical support. This ensures that customers receive comprehensive solutions tailored to their specific requirements, backed by expert service and support.

Trusted by Leading Brands Koxka’s reputation for reliability and performance has earned the trust of major brands such as Carrefour, Danone, and El Corte Inglés. Their products are found in supermarkets, retail chains, and food service establishments worldwide, underscoring their status as a global leader in refrigeration.

Contact Us For more information about Koxka’s range of refrigeration solutions or to discuss your specific needs, please contact MC Refrigeration. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right products to enhance your business operations.

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