Refrigerated Equipment Hire

For any business to be without suitable refrigeration or freezing can be a huge problem for them. For a few of our customers our temporary chiller/freezer trailers parked outside the building is the ideal solution for chilling and freezing food while repairs take place to their existing equipment.  These are parked outside the premises and are easily accessible to staff for loading and unloading.

We have a range of Chiller and Freezer Trailers which are multi temp so can be set to +3 or -20, whichever the client requires. All our Chiller and Freezer Trailers come with the below:

  • Run off a 13amp plug or 16amp commando socket
  • Step to enter the trailer
  • Power lead which is 20m from unit to socket
  • Strip Curtains to prevent fluctuation in temperature while the door is open
  • Light inside to make viewing easier in the dark
  • Lockable doors to avoid stock theft

If you do not have an outside space for temporary refrigeration, we also offer cabinets for hire:

  • Back of House or Sales Floor
  • Double door stainless steel chillers and freezers
  • 1dr / 2dr glass door uprights
  • Open front multideck cabinets for sales floor

They come in various difference sizes so dependant on your space this might suit you better. The inside hire equipment comes equipped full of shelving ready for immediate merchandising and runs from a standard 13amp socket.

All trailers and Hire Cabinets are available from 1 day hire to long term hire if required. Please fill in our contact form (click here) and someone from the team at MC will get back to you with a quote.

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Refrigeration Equipment Hire Gallery

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